Sonic Boat Works



Immersed in the essence of maritime excellence, Sonic Boatworks stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining nautical ingenuity.

Sonic Boatworks is a renowned Florida-based boat manufacturer and is celebrated for crafting top-tier boats known for their speed, agility, and durability. Founded by boat enthusiast Jay Ross in 1992, the company has evolved into an esteemed industry leader. 

Our lineup includes customizable center console fishing boats, performance vessels, and opulent yachts. Sonic Boatworks excels in meticulous craftsmanship, fashioning every detail, from hull to electronics, using premium materials by skilled artisans. Sonic’s unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through close collaboration during construction to ensure exact specifications are met before delivery. Noteworthy for performance, our boats feature powerful engines for impressive speeds and fuel efficiency, catering to boating enthusiasts. Beyond speed, Sonic Boatworks boats exhibit exceptional maneuverability and stability for safe and comfortable navigation through turbulent waters. Interior spaces are spacious, comfortable, and sophisticated, equipped with contemporary amenities. Sonic Boatworks drives innovation, pushing design and technology boundaries with cutting-edge techniques that yield robust yet efficient boats, adapting to evolving customer preferences. Our unwavering commitment to detail, customer service, and innovation solidifies our supremacy in the industry. For those seeking a blend of speed, luxury, and unparalleled aquatic experiences, Sonic Boatworks is the quintessential choice.